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A message from your Benefits Representative:  

Allow me to welcome you to Texans Can Academies. I am here to present to you your Full Time and Part Time benefits information.

You have thirty days (30) as of your hire date to enroll in all benefits offered through our online enrollment site at
Login: Your login will be your first name initial, six letters of your last name, or full last name, and the last four ssn. Your default password will be your date of birth, no dashes in the format of YYYYMMDD. From there you will start your new hire benefits enrollment. All benefits are electronic enrollments so no need for paper documents to be returned to me. You must complete your enrollment even if you are declining as we require it for the Affordable Care Act reporting. The rates online are per pay period cost as we get paid semi-monthly (Every 15th & end of month).
Part Time employees: You are eligible to enroll in medical benefits but unfortunately without employer contribution. The only option you will have online is the TRS Acknowledgement and your medical election. Please review the TRS Highlights form for rates. If you should become a FT employee you will be eligible to enroll in all other benefits offered upon your FT hire date.
FT employees: Please review your FT packet for all rates and details of all plans. Before you begin your enrollment please be sure to have all your dependents information such as full name, social security number, and dates of birth to be able to continue the enrollment. If you have a qualified child support medical order please be sure to enroll your dependents and mark them off as QMO.
Medical Plans: We offer medical plans through TRS Active Care/Aetna. In your packet you will see the medical plan highlights, deductibles, and cost per month in the plan employee rate sheet. You are eligible for 100% covered TELEDOC if you elect AC Select. If you elect AC 1-HD a $40.00 consultation fee $40.00 is due.
The Active Care Select plan is very cost affordable but please keep in mind it has its restrictions. You are only able to see in network doctors that signed up to take the plan and are only covered within your county. The county will be what you listed on your W-4 address. You are not covered outside your county and are restricted to a certain hospital as well. See below.
  • DFW (Baylor Scott & White
  • Austin (Seton Health Alliance)
  • San Antonio (Baptist Health System & Health Texas Medical Group)
  • Houston (Memorial Herman & Kelsey Select)


 The Active Care 1-HD is the high deductible plan ($2,750, $5,500 family) and you are able to enroll in a Health Savings Account of your choice. This account is for monies placed in that account to help you pay for office co-payments, prescriptions, etc. See enrollment guide for more information.
As of September 1st, 2018 the Active Care 2 plan is no longer available for new hires . It will only be available to those who signed up for it in previous years or are new hires coming from another district who were enrolled in this plan. If this is the case please reach out to me via email so that we can send a request to update the enrollment system to provide you this option.
Please refer to your enrollment guide for all three medical plan highlights or visit for more detailed information and other resources. You are able to also use ALEX your personal medical benefits counselor by clicking Please have your FT packet available.
As a FT employee you are offered three free plans at no cost to you.
  • 50K Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • DENTAL HMO (employee only)
  • EAP (5 free sessions)
This is why it is important for you to complete your enrollment so that you can enroll in your free plans and to add your beneficiaries for your life insurance. Please be sure your beneficiaries add up to 100% allocation. (Example: three primary beneficiaries would be 33.33, 33.33, and 33.34% allocation for each to total a 100% allocation.) Same applies for secondary beneficiaries. Secondary beneficiaries are those who receive the life insurance if something should happen to the primary beneficiaries.
Dental: Once you are in the dental election and if you have children I would recommend the dental HMO as it covers orthodontia, the PPO does not. Please keep that in mind if you decide to enroll in dental HMO you will have to choose a dentist upon clicking next. You will go to the scroll down option and choose DHMO and the plan # is SGX245. You will search dentists by zip code and mileage you’d like to travel. Once you choose a pcp please enter their pcp name and facility code in the enrollment screen. This will be your dentist. If for any reason you are not happy with their services you can always contact Metlife dental to change your provider and it will be effective the first of the following month.
For the short term disability it is important for you to decide if you will be enrolling as a new hire to be able to elect your max weekly benefit amount allowed. This weekly benefit amount cannot exceed 60% of your gross weekly earnings. Rates are included in the online enrollment. If you decide to decline as a new hire and during our next open enrollment if you want to elect short term disability, you will only be eligible for the $100 weekly benefit amount. Every open enrollment after that you will be able to bump up $50 until you meet your max allowed.
EAP (employee assistance program) through Metlife. As a FT employee you receive 5 free sessions more detailed information in you packet.
Other voluntary options are available such as additional life insurance, pre-paid legal, home & auto, and life lock. If you’d like quotes please click yes on the enrollment screen and a representative will contact you with more information.
These are just a few highlights of our plans. You will be able to log in within three to five days as of your hire date since your information needs to be entered in the benefits system. Please be sure to set yourself a reminder to enroll timely and feel free to contact your benefits helpdesk at 1-800684-2021 or email at if you should have any questions.
Welcome aboard Texans Can Academies and we wish you a successful school year!
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