Grading Instructions





  • No late work will be penalized and will late work will be accepted.
  • One grade per week MUST be related to Marquez Reading in the Participation or Classwork category.
  • All teachers are required to demonstrate their ability to access MCC by having their respective logins completed.
  • Minimum:2 grades/week; Maximum: 4 grades/week
  • Grades can be entered prior to the initial week for entering grades. 

Rationale for issuing grades in these circumstances (giving the “why” for our administrators since most hear of other districts simply giving a Pass/Fail for course completion):

  • Most other districts were able to issue grades because 2 of their 3 six weeks for their semester were completed prior to the announcement of a complete shutdown.  Because of this, they have the autonomy to issue credit for the entire course by completing at least 50% of the course.
  • We are in an unusual position because while we have completed Term 3 and can issue credit for these classes, we cannot take the same philosophy of thought into Term 4 because it is a new course.
    • Term 4 is akin to “a new semester”, so we have to demonstrate consistency of approach and academic content in order to justify the issuing of credit for Term 4 courses DESPITE the circumstances of COVID 19.  However, consideration is being made for these unusual circumstances surrounding the academic term.
    • At this juncture the stance of the district for issues related to NOT receiving credit are as follows:
      • If a student does not establish ACCESS (high tech or low tech) with the campus, the student will not be issued credit.
      • If a student establishes ACCESS (high tech or low tech) BUT does not engage with the campus by completing assignments (high tech or low tech), the student will not be issued credit.

Each calendar has a specific “cut off” regarding the student’s ability to earn course credit. If the student comes after this “cut off”, they will not be able to earn credit for the course. Campuses are encouraged to stress the above framework as a means to engage students and increase the overall percentage of students participating on the new platform.


  • My Course Can
    • All teachers are required to demonstrate their ability to access MCC by having their respective log ins completed.  Administrators will be shown how to determine whether teachers are logging in to verify their ability to access assignments in order to be placed in google classroom.
    • Minimum expectations:
      • Objective, MR, and a minimum of 1 Assignment/per week directly from MCC
        • Additional activities can be provided by teacher from different resources
      • Teacher autonomy for assessment(s)
  • From MCC OR teacher generated
    • Retain a small representative sample of student work

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