Will the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) be revised to include Bring Your Own (BYO)?

The new policy will be included in the student handbook to be signed by parents and students.


Will parents need to sign a permission form for students to be able to bring their own device?

A permission form is included in the student handbook for parents to sign if the choose to allow their child to bring a device for use on campus.


Will Administrators be able to revoke a student’s privilege?

Students who do not follow the Acceptable Use Policy, can have their Bring Your Own privileges revoked using the established discipline system.


How can staff tell if a student is using the guest network or the device’s data plan?

Staff members will watch to see if students are on sites that are generally blocked by the RRISD network. Although this can be difficult at times, the RRISD policy is when technology use is required, staff will be actively monitoring students.  It is suggested the staff members be moving around the room when technology is in use. **


How will the district handle loss or theft of personal devices?

The guidelines in the policy address theft and loss.  Round Rock ISD is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.


Where there be technical assistance provided to access the Guest Wireless network?

Because of the multitude of devices that can be brought to school, the district cannot provide technical support other than their log in information and the network name.  Students will need to learn prior to coming to school, how to connect devices to the network.


Will students be able to charge devices throughout the day?

As stated in the BYO policy, students are expected to come to school with fully charged devices.  Some buildings do not have the electrical capacity to charge a multitude of devices.


Will students be required to bring their own device?

No, teachers who utilize BYO, cannot require students to bring their own device.


Will students be able to use their devices before/after school and during lunch?

This policy will be determined by individual campus administrators.


Will students be able to use another person’s device?

The policy states that students should not lend out their personal devices to others.


Can students print from their device?

No, they will not be able to print at this time.


Will students be able to access their RRISD network folder  or H: drive from their device?

At this time, that is not a possibility.


How will staff keep students from texting their friends throughout the day?

Staff will ask students to put their devices away when they are not required in class.


Will students be able to record teachers/students in class with their device?

Only if permission is granted from the teacher or if it is part of the assignment.


Will students be able to use headphones?

Students can use headphones if directed to do so by the teacher for the purpose of the assignment given.


Is the network that the students will be using filtered?

Yes, it has more filters than the network used by students when they are using district owned devices.