Student Technology Conduct


Personal Use Telecommunication Devices: An authorized District employee may confiscate a personal telecommunications device, including a mobile telephone, used in violation of applicable campus rules.

During School Day: Personal telecommunications devices shall be allowed during the school day, provided they are not activated, visible, or used during the school day, except as provided at INSTRUCTIONAL USE below. The beginning and ending time of the school day is defined for each school level in the appropriate student-parent handbook.


Testing: A student shall not be permitted to possess a personal telecommunications device or an electronic device with Internet capability in the classroom during administration of any state assessment. Violations shall be subject to confiscation of the device and other disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. A student who violates this policy may have his or her test results invalidated.


After School Activities: A student with a personal telecommunications device shall be required to turn it off at a ceremony or other school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property for which activation of the device would be disruptive to the event or occasion.


Release and Fees: A confiscated personal telecommunications device shall be released for a fee determined by the Board. In accordance with the student handbook, the student or the student’s parents may retrieve the device after paying the fee. If a personal telecommunications device is not retrieved, the District shall dispose of the device after providing notice required by law.

Other electronic Devices:  Guidelines regarding other personal electronic devices shall be addressed in the student handbook.


Instructional Use: A student shall obtain prior approval before using personal telecommunications or other personal electronic devices for on campus instructional purposes. The student shall also acknowledge receipt and understanding of applicable regulations and shall sign the appropriate user agreements