Victoria’ Story

Tell us about your life before coming to Texans Can?

I had a very good life until I dropped out.

How has you life changed since you’ve been a student at Texans Can?

My life has changed a lot by all the opportunities that Texans can has offered me.

Has there been a teacher or someone on the staff at Texans Can that has given you extra encouragement with school?  Tell us about that person. 

Mrs.Tyson has and always will be a big influence on my education. All the years I been at the ross campus , she always encouraged me to come back year after year. I wouldn’t be sitting here in credit recovery getting ready to graduate this January if it wasn’t for Mrs.Tyson.

What are the biggest differences between Texans Can and the school(s) you attended before?

One major difference between the two school is the effort , at my previous school if over half the class gave up , that was enough for the teacher to give up.

What one thing at Texans Can has made the most difference in your life?

It has changed my aspects in life and how I view education differently

What has surprised you the most about being a student at Texans Can?

It has surprised me that I’m  finally graduating .

What are you most nervous about when you graduate from Texans Can?

Where I will end up without all the support from Texans cans staff.

How can we continue to help you after you graduate?

Helping sign up for college

Any other comments that you want to add to your experience here in Texans Can

It has been an amazing journey

Tell us one thing that your teacher would like to know about you

I’m happy to be here