Creating a Help Desk Ticket

Help Desk Tickets:

It is important for us to track all the issues and how efficient we were helping you to solve it. We are encouraging all Texans Can employees to submit a Help Desk ticket any time that you are having any type of technology issues.

If you have any IT related issue, we ask that you create a ticket using your service desk feature. You can also call us directly by dialing extension 1993 from your desk phone, or dialing 214-944-1993 from any land line or cell phone.

Once you have logged in to your Texanscan e-mail. Please make sure to navigate to the more option icon on the top right of your e-mail page.


Once you have selection the option, various options associated with your e-mail will appear. Scroll down the screen and at the bottom of the options panned you will notice the option for MOJO Helpdesk.



To download this instructions click Here

Any questions contact us at 214-944-1993