Google Classroom

Some quick Teacher info related to Google Classroom for Texans Can

  1. All teachers are automatically setup in Google Classroom as Teachers
  2. Google Classroom can be accessed by going to https:// and using your Texans Can e-mail to sign-in.
  3. Teachers must setup their Google Classroom and send invites to their students. via e-mails to the class using the student’s Texans Can provided Gmail address.
  4. Once a student is added/invited to a class, the student will receive a registration e-mail with a button to enroll and/or a registration code for the class.
  5. The student must go to Google Classroom and sign in with their Texans Can provided Gmail account.
  6. The student must enroll by selecting the class from the list of class tiles in their classroom portal or must enroll using a e-mail link or class code as provided in the e-mail they received.
  7. All students have Google accounts automatically created after enrolling.

All you need is a computer or a cellphone with Internet access.  Apple iPhone and Android phone versions of the GSuite applications (Meet, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, Google Classroom, etc.)

Helpful info:


Google Classroom info:  

Click here to learn more about Google Classroom

Google Classroom Getting Started video:  

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Getting Support Online

Student Perspective Guide for reference: Click Here

What you need to know about Texans Can Student Google Account / Gmail information

Students must use their Texans Can provide accounts in order to use Google Classroom and to access e-mails and notifications related to Google classroom enrollments and work or instructor communication.  The students must be notified that they have a Texans Can Google account and that they should use their Texans Can Gmail for communication.  Below is information 

1.      Student accounts are automatically created upon creation of a Texans Can network account.

2.      Students can login to Google Classroom and Gmail using the following account syntax:

‘’.  (ex: 

Password is the same as their computer login password, which is their Birthday in mmddyyyy format.

** StudentID# must be 6 digits, so add a preceding zero as needed to make it 6 digits ex: 12345 would be 012345.

3. Students can access their e-mail for communications and classroom enrollment information by going to https:// from any web browser.

4. Students can access their Google Classroom by going to from any web browser

5. If using a Smartphone, Students can also install Google Classroom, Gmail, and Google Drive from the appropriate apps store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

NOTE:  We are automatically creating a report for each campus that provides a list of active students and their Texans Can assigned Gmail address / Google account.  This report is generated every Sunday evening and is sent to the campus Principal