Calendar Updates

Campus Data Roster Conferences -Phase I 

  • Please sign up, dates are first come first serve for the Campus data roster conferences. District directors and campus leadership teams will meet to ensure Domain II students have been identified. A google sign up will be shared for campuses to sign up. These conferences will begin October 1-October 7.  Required attendees: Principal, AP, Academic Advisor, Instructional Coach)

World Mental Health Day Marquez Reading (ACTION REQUIRED) -Thursday October 10, 2019 

  • World Mental Health Day is October 10, 2019. To help our entire school communities begin the conversations about self-care, we will have one Marquez Reading as a district on this day to help break the stigma of seeking help for mental health issues, depression, anger management, grief, stress, etc. We will share this Marquez Reading with the entire organization. We will have monthly Marquez Readings on mental health awareness. 

 Student Advisor Assemblies for October, 2019 

Dr. Ponce has asked that all student advisors hold bi-weekly assemblies with all students to relay key information. These assemblies should be customized by the student advisors. They may include stations, whole group, small group, or classroom lessons to ensure important information is shared with all students. Please refer to the scope and sequence document shared with principals during our September seminars.  If you have questions, please contact Dr. Torres.

Leadership Reminders:

  • Leadership reminders: Meet weekly with campus leadership team- Artifacts: Agenda/Sign in sheets; Weekly PLC’s with departments- Artifacts: Agenda/Sign in sheets/Data Points (All campuses are required to give skills checks in Eduphoria)
  • Instructional reminders: Review lesson plans weekly and provide feedback – Artifacts: Lesson plan feedback or emails to teachers; MCC lesson plan comments/rating; All lesson plans must be submitted in MCC
  • Instructional reminders: TOPS – “5 “– 5 Minute Weekly Classroom Walkthroughs; Tiered support for campus teachers: Artifacts : Schedule of observations; TOPS; Goal Setting Forms in TOPS; Face to face feedback sessions with teachers; SWIVL
  • Network Reminders – Identify areas of need. Develop a network plan to build capacity within each campus. Use network experts to support new teachers. Use FIE trainers to train all teachers in FIE.