Celebrations:  Highlights from New Teacher Professional Learning Seminars

Leadership Updates for 11.08.2019

General Reminders

ELAR Writing Conference:  EOC STAAR November 9 & 16th @ Oak Cliff 8-12pm. December 14, 2019   8-5pm.  

Calling for all ELAR Lesson Plans, Marquez Readings, or Activities: ELAR teachers are able to submit new lesson plans, Marquez Readings, and activities for My Course Can. The lessons will be reviewed by C/I for final approval before being uploaded to MCC.  After  reviewing the feedback from teachers and administrators, we need to provide teachers with an opportunity to submit new ideas for ELAR.

TOPS – Please conduct five minute observations 5 times per week, per administrator.  Please make sure your MR Tier II & III interventions are being recording in TOPS by your inclusion teacher, interventionist, and literacy coach.

Literacy Grant Updates


We are asking campuses to provide Marquez Reading training in conjunction with their ESL parenting classes after school, during parent night, or during Saturday school. The literacy grant will pay for materials and additional duty pay for staff. Shout out to CFB & Dallas North for their ESL parent classes! If you have questions, let me know.

TEEN Parents & Literacy – You may also provide Marquez Reading training for your teen parents to share the gift of literacy with their small children. Please let us know which options works best for your campus so we can provide resources and the budget code. Mr. Marquez is excited to offer this to our families in conjunction with the literacy grant.

(January 2020- May 2020) – FREE Part-time additional staff support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have posted literacy tutor positions for each network. This part-time position will be available from January –May 2020. Tutors can work 10 hours per week. If interested please email cmiles@texanscan.org  Check out the job posting on our website!

Holiday Book Giveaways: Books will distributed through the literacy coaches before Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

Mental Health & Wellness

November Mental Health Marquez Reading – November 11, 2019 –November 22, 2019

FIE Connection to Leadership & Domain II & Domain III

Be sure to avoid gathering only parts of your campus data roster. An accurate and precise campus data roster will help you make data driven decisions to reach a “C” or better rating for state accountability. (Developed Cognitive Functions – Input- Clear & detailed perception, Systematic exploratory behavior) 

Calendar Dates

Upcoming Calendar Dates: (Check the District Master Google Calendar for dates 

11.13.2019 – Principals’ Learning Seminar (Corporate office) 8-5pm

11.14.2019- AP Learning Seminar North Texas – Corp Office 8-12pm * 12-4:30 pm (NEW AP’s will stay after meeting)

11.15.2019- Campus Instructional Coaches’ Learning Seminar 8:00am- 4:30pm

11.19.2019- AP Learning Seminar (Location: San Antonio Can Main Campus) 8-12pm & 12-5pm (NEW AP’s will stay after meeting)

11.21.2019- IGC Potential Students Identified & Coded in E-School

11.25.2019-11.29.2019 – Thanksgiving Break

HB 496 Required STOP THE BLEED TRAINING 11/6- Houston North 11/7- Houston Southwest 11/11- Houston Hobby – 12/7- GE, PG, OC – 12/20- San Antonio Main/TCA Highlands- 12/20- WC/LC – Austin – TBD

12.9.2019- 12.13.2019- District Benchmark for ELA II and Alg. I – Domain II – TBD

12.17.2019 – Principals’ Seminar – Dallas (1-AP, 1-Coach, Principal*) – Please invite C/I and an instructional coach to this seminar.

12.18.2019- Domain II Accountability Data Learning Seminar- All English II and Alg. I Domain II teachers will attend professional development to have an in-depth look at state accountability. Facilitator: Mr. Mena